Portland-Heywood Lutheran Church

Worship is a very important part of our lives.  As Christians we are called to worship God in every moment of our lives.  We also believe it is also important to worship together.  This is a time when we are interacting with God and each other.  During this time we receive many benefits from God and we also have the opportunity to respond to God’s graciousness.   We consider God’s Word and His sacraments as essentials in our worship life.

Worship at Portland

On most Sundays we have two opportunities for worship.

9am Worship:  A more traditional worship service that encourages participation drawing upon the vast resources of Christian hymnody and songs and responsive prayers from many eras, sermon and a children’s talk.

10.45am Worship:  A contemporary worship time. The music is from a variety of sources including Hillsong, Bethel and the like. This worship service includes the prayer requests from the congregation, with personal prayer opportunities (led by prayer team members) after worship. The congregation is encouraged to participate in as many aspects of the service as possible. Holy Communion is celebrated fortnightly.

Community worship service  at 10am we believe it is important for our community to gather regularly.  Often parts of this service are lead by our school.  These are once a term and usually held at the Unity Centre at our School.

Monthly Mid Week Communion Service on 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm.

Festival Services during Lent on Wednesdays, Easter, Advent and Christmas we offer special services.

Worship at Heywood

2nd Sunday of the Month:  11am with a light lunch

4th Sunday of the Month:  9am  

Worship times

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